Indiana University

  • (December 2001)  FULLY DIGITAL SYSTEM:  IMDS has been relaunched as a fully digital system (both content storage and delivery). This allows multiple users to concurrently view the same video, and optimizes audio/video quality based on the user's network connection capability. Custom client software is no longer needed to access the system; thus the term "IMDS-capable workstation" is obsolete.

  • (January 2007)  LARGER VIDEO IMAGE SIZE:  All newly-created videos designed for broadband connections will have larger images sizes (480x360 vs. the previous 320x240) in order to provide a higher quality experience.

  • (June 2007)  NEW WEB LOOK:  All IMDS Web pages now carry the new Indiana University branding bar and footer.

  • (June 2008)  CROSS-PLATFORM PLAYBACK:  We've started using Microsoft's "Silverlight" architecture to deliver Windows Media content to Macintosh computer users.

  • (May 2009)  PROBLEM REPORTING SYSTEM:  Switched to the "Footprints" trouble-tracking system, to which the "Report a problem" buttons link.

  • (May 2011)  "BRANDED" MEDIA PLAYERS:  The Kelley School of Business F260 course utilizes a customized media player that provides an identical user experience for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computer users.

  • (February 2012)  IMPROVED APPLE MAC & iOS SUPPORT:  Most publicly accessible videos now support playback on Macs and iOS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch).